The dramatic cliffs, rolling hills and magical forests of the peninsula Kullaberg in North-West Skåne offer stunning scenery, an impressive flora and fauna and archeological finds, all along powerful energy lines.
Known as the first part of Scandinavia to appear from the ice age, Kullaberg has attracted inhabitants since the stone ages, 7000BC, evidence such as burial mounds and ceremonial stone circles can be found scattered around the nature reserve.

There are hiking tracks for all levels of hikers, whether you want to go strolling through elm and oak forests, climb up to Håkull or explore a range of exciting caves. Our retreats at The Stable Arild take advantage of the magic and energy at Kullaberg, arranging grounding walks, ocean healing and meditations at various magical spots. Other guests might prefer kayaking, surfing or mountain biking along Kullaleden https://kullaleden.se or https://www.skaneleden.se/en enjoying well deserved breaks at Randsvik Havterrase, Flickorna Lundgren, Arilds Hamnfik or Krukmakeriet in Mölle. For those keen on contemporary art, head to Lars Vilks wooden palace Nimis created out of drift wood and old plank, and find yourself in a ‘Lord of the Rings’ setting, snuggled between rock and sea. https://www.ladonia.org/nimis/

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Country Lodge

Lovely, comfortable countrystyle living on horsefarm overlooking vinyards, horses and the rolling hills of Kullaberg. Three appartments offer spacious summer living with gardens and access to The Stable terrace and yoga classes.


When in need of winding down with meditation, yoga, forests walks and ocean healing, come visit our haven on magical Kullaberg. The retreats will run over three days and offer organic, vegetarian meals, sound healing, silent walks, introduction to meditation, yoga and qi gong.

Summer Yoga

Dynamic yoga classes & tea every morning at 9.00 from Saturday July 1st through Sunday August 6th. Our experienced yoga instructors guide you through 75 minutes of stretching and relaxation, the perfect way to start your summer days.