After a very successful yoga summer, we have realised that most guests have left the small fishing villages and are now back to everyday routines. We will come back with more information with regards to yoga over the December holidays or Spring retreats, and of course summer yoga schedule for 2024. 

Thanks for coming to us this summer! It has been wonderful to meet you all. 

Summer yoga

Varied fun and flowy dynamic yoga classes all summer. All levels welcome. We continue with Endless Summer Yoga schedule August 19th to September 30th, only Saturday 9am, Sunday9am, Monday 8.15 and Tuesday 9am. Unfortunately our booking system is not working at the moment. To book your class, please swish 0738 503008 (Jonas Jung) and mark the payment with the date you want to attend 🙂


180 SEK

Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing

A calm yoga class where Evalena leads a guided meditation and uses singing bowls whilst the participants are relaxing, laying comfortably down on the yoga mat. Book your slot by adding your name and email address, click first on the DATE, THEN clicking on the TIMESLOT and then pay with a card. Thank you! 🙂


180 SEK

Country Lodge

Lovely, comfortable countrystyle living on horsefarm overlooking vinyards, horses and the rolling hills of Kullaberg. Three appartments offer spacious summer living with gardens and access to The Stable terrace and yoga classes.


When in need of winding down with meditation, yoga, forests walks and ocean healing, come visit our haven on magical Kullaberg. The retreats will run over three days and offer organic, vegetarian meals, sound healing, silent walks, introduction to meditation, yoga and qi gong.

Summer Yoga

Dynamic yoga classes & tea every morning at 9.00 from Saturday July 1st through Sunday August 6th. Our experienced yoga instructors guide you through 75 minutes of stretching and relaxation, the perfect way to start your summer days.