At The Stable Arild we strive to do what we can in order to put as little strain as possible on our environment. When restoring our horsefarm we have used mainly natural materials like wood, stone, ceramics and strawroofs.

We avoid pesticides on the vines and spray them only with natural nutrients, after inspecting what minerals the vines lack. Kullabergs Vin, a local Winemaker, are responsible for harvesting our grapes and making award winning wine.

The food served at The Stable is mainly vegetarian and locally sourced and organic whenever possible. During Spring and Summer we will use our own homegrown vegetables for cooking in addition to having agreements with the local farmers in Skåne. For our Italian produce we are careful to source organic goods of the best quality.

We are animal lovers and care greatly about animal welfare. The nine icelandic horses living on our farm walk freely between their stables and the open fields and are often taken out on rides by their owners. We have chosen to serve only vegetarian food at The Stable to take a stand against industrial animal farms, their horrid practises and their massive carbon footprint.

The retreats we offer at The Stable are mainly focused on slowing down and connecting to nature, through stillness, forest walks, swimming in the sea, meditation, yoga, sound healing and healthy food. An encouragement to become more sensitive to the fragility of Mother Earth.

For us sustainability is not a trend, it’s a way of life.